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If you are looking for accommodation while visiting the Poznan fair, here's the right address ().

List of rules to download:


Accommodation and fair event service    

  1. The Adres company provides accommodation and fair event service.
  2. Accommodation is rented for each twenty-four hours.
  3. Accommodating for a single day begins at 2 p.m. and finishes at 12. a.m. on the next day.
  4. Date of stay, type of lodging, number of lodgers should be declared in application form.
  5. Booking the night takes place when a filled-in application form, signed by the customer, is sent and acknowledged by Adres.
  6. In case of canceling the reservation without acceptance of the other party' the loser is paid the price of one-day rent.
  7. The soonest reservations are mostly appreciated.
  8. Stay extension will be fulfilled according to present abilities.
  9. Bed-clothes and towels are exchanged after 5 days.
  10. Lodgers are not allowed to rent the place or put up any guests.
  11. Lodgers are financially responsible for the damage of the furnishing and technical outfit or causing any other faults.
  12. The owner is responsible for any loss or damage to the lodger's equipment or belongings that have been carried in by the tenant (according to civil code art. 846-849).
  13. The loser is obligated to inform the owner about the damage done to his things just after noticing it.
  14. The owner is not responsible for the damage or loss of the tenant's car caused by other people.
  15. The lodger is obliged to inform the owner about his/her departure in order to leave the key.
  16. Extra service will be fulfilled according to individual arrangements.

We wish our customers a pleasant stay in Poznań.


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